Explore the Hyundai Kona Handling Features

The popular small SUV market is fiercely competitive, seeking to appeal to drivers by offering them a range of features not found in traditional sedans or utility vehicles. This combination of the two vehicle styles allows drivers to enjoy versatility in their driving experience. The Hyundai Kona gives drivers sport utility while also offering the kind of agility they'd expect from a high performance car.

Power steering in the Kona receives an innovative, motor-driven design that improves its performance over other vehicles offering a hydraulic steering option. The motor-driven design is quieter and far more efficient than the alternative, which translates into a more enjoyable driving experience.

The steering wheel also receives an upgrade in its range of settings, allowing drivers to articulate the exact tilt or telescoping length they prefer for ultimate comfort while gripping the steering wheel. The steering system also adjusts electronically to the demands of the road, becoming more efficient when necessary on curving roads.



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