Protect Your Investment by Using Clay Bar in Detailing

At Todd Archer Hyundai in Bellevue, NE, we believe that taking care of your car's paint helps you enjoy your vehicle while protecting your bottom line. Just as a good skin care regiment involves the occasional exfoliation, a proper car detailing plan is not complete without an occasional clay bar treatment.

Many view clay bars as advanced techniques for obsessive car owners that may not be required for the average person with the average car. However, clay bar treatments not only provide the basis for an unmatched shine, they also make the more regular efforts of washing and waxing that much more effective.

Clay bars work by gently lifting and entrapping microscopic debris from the surface of the clear coat. It is much more effective than soap and water washes, as it removes the particles that have become embedded in the clear coat, making it dull and void of luster. Once this layer of particles is removed, the paint shine becomes more uniform and deeper. Wax applications last longer and with better results.

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