The Many Trims of the Hyundai Veloster

The Hyundai Veloster is a popular and quirky compact car due to it only having three doors. The Veloster also has many different trim levels depending on how sporty you want your Veloster to be.

There are five standard Veloster trims that determine the type of engine and equipment that will come in your car as standard. These trims start at the 2.0 which is the most basic Veloster, in the middle of the road you have the Turbo R-Spec which gives you the turbocharged engine and a more driver-focused car. Then you get to the Turbo Ultimate, which comes with the most features as standard and also comes with the turbocharged engine. There are also two trims that are not part of the standard Veloster line up, those are the Veloster N standard, and performance packages. These trims add many performance upgrades to the Veloster.

The Veloster has a trim for any buyer, from someone looking for a nice efficient daily driver, to someone that is looking for a turbocharged track toy. To take the Veloster for a test drive, stop by Todd Archer Hyundai.



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