Technology for Everyone: The Hyundai Kona

Whether you're a tech expert or you try to avoid technology at all costs, there's no denying how technology can improve your life. The designers of the Hyundai Kona understood that not everyone is a tech expert, so they designed the technology in Kona to be powerful, easy-to-use, and distraction-free.

Take the available Blue Link connected car system, for example. This system, though complex, is easily controlled right from your smartphone, enabling functions such as remote door lock/unlock, car location, roadside assistance, and others. What's more, an ingenious heads-up display system provides essential vehicle information right in your line-of-sight. This system, though advanced, is easily deployed with the touch of a button.

At Todd Archer Hyundai, we want to show you just how intuitive and easy-to-understand Kona's technology can be. One of our vehicle experts would be happy to walk you through all of Kona's features and explain, in detail, how they function.



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