These Design Features Represent the Hyundai Kona

As you start to look for a popular small SUV, the Hyundai Kona stands out above the rest. There are a number of design features that really make this vehicle a bit unique. These features encompass various safety, aesthetic, and functional ideas that Hyundai has turned into something rather special.

The colors that comprise the Kona are unique in their own right. You will not find just your standard red or green exterior. Instead, Hyundai has created a product line that uses such exotic color mixes as Surf Blue and Pulse Red. These will really set the tone for your drive.

The Kona also has a rear that has been redesigned to encompass lights that are highly visible and practical. The brake lights are a primary example. These are much slimmer and more noticeable than you will see on most SUVs. You will be able to take the Kona on a test drive when you pay a visit to Todd Archer Hyundai.


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